Refund Policies

1. Refund Policies and Methods

Students may be eligible for a refund to the credit card from which payment was made.

Please note that GEA is not responsible for fluctuations in international exchange rates or any interest charges, also due to the timing of credit card refunds.

Tuition Assistance Program (TAP) are non-refundable.

Once a refund is processed, it can take several business days for your issuing bank to show the refund on your account. 

2. Course Change Refunds

The amount refunded for course changes and drops depends on the date of the change. Full Refund with some exceptions is possible only till 14 days from the enrolling date, if the student didn't earn a qualification in any course. Half refund with some exceptions is possible only till 30 days after enrolling in a GEA course if the student didn't earn a qualification in any course. 

3. Refund is not possible if a student passed a test and earned a course qualification after the test or earned a course certificate.

4. Exceptions: If part of the enrolling amount is delivered to another platform, refund policies for that part of the amount regard only that platform rules.

5. Refund of a course sponsored by GEA University and published in another platform follows the refund policies of that platform and depends also on the type of enrolling (per course or all inclusive, per month or yearly)

6. Gea University Corporation does not, under any circumstances, refund the enrolling fee to students who present wrong qualifications that are not officially confirmed by the institutions that issued them. If after enrollment, the student is unable to prove possession of a qualification, GEA will automatically revert it to the previous qualification or the student may opt for a double enrollment by paying an additional fee. In any case, only students who demonstrate good faith, can opt for the lower level course (example: un Undergraduate instead of a Graduate program, a Bachelor instead of a Master's degree, a Master's degree instead of a Doctorate) or enroll in their chosen course if they enroll also in the lower level course at the same time, paying both the enrolling fees (example: a double enrollment in a Bachelor and in a Master's degree or a Dual enrollment in High School and in an Associate or in a Bachelor's degree program). GEA University may decide to expel any student who is unable to demonstrate good faith. In this case, the registration cost will not be refunded, nor will the student have the opportunity to enroll in another course.