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Students must register for pre-admission and then submit a completed Application Form. All students, including exceptional students, may be required to undergo an entry interview before being admitted. Student admission is based on available places and it is at the sole discretion of the evaluation team.             GEA INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL students have the enrollment precedence over other external students.

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§ 1. Students with an High School Diploma issued by a public or a private school or its equivalent, or an Homeschooling Statement can be admitted to an Associate or a Bachelor degree Curriculum as ordinary students; whoever, having completed the curriculum of studies, has the title required for admission to the university of the country in which he/she completed his/her studies. For some programs, depending the field of study, may be required an entrance interview/test and/or to take some additional courses and/or to prepare a portfolio. 

To Exceptional students (gifted or students with mental disabilities) will be required only their curriculum of studies or a certificate of completion. To students with a physical disability that are not intellectually disabling, will be required the high school diploma or equivalent or the homeschooling statement, unless personal or social factors prevented them the attainment of the diploma or the homeschooling statement or the equivalent.

​Students without an high school diploma or equivalent can dual enroll in GEA international School (K-12 school) and GEA University of San Marco. At the end of their dual path, these students will receive both the High School Diploma and their degree.

§ 2. The following can be admitted to the Master's degree: 

1° as an ordinary student who has completed all the subjects of the bachelor degree or equivalent;

2° as an extraordinary student and/or guest. Only those who, in the opinion of the President or the Dean (with the President approval), have sufficient preparation in the field of study to attend the lessons can be exceptionally accepted.

3° as an ordinary student who has a cumulative 120 credits transfer (SCH - Semester Credit Hours), of which a minimum of 15 credits in General Education

§ 3. The following can be admitted to the doctoral degree: 

1° after passing an entrance interview/test, students who have completed all the subjects of the Master's degree, can be admitted as ordinary students;

2° after receiving an invitation and/or passing an entrance interview/test, as an extraordinary student and guest, only those who, in the opinion of the President or the Dean (with the President approval), have sufficient preparation to attend the lessons, can be exceptionally accepted (example: a well-known person in the subject of study).

§ 4. People well known in their field of study may be awarded with the title of Doctor Honoris Causa


Students must fill in the pre-Admission online registration form below.

To all students can be required an entrance interview (in streaming) and/or an entrance test (online) and/or to present their portfolio. The admission criteria are at the unquestionable judgment of the evaluation admission unit. The commission is not obliged to justify its choices. Sometimes decisions can be determined by a limited number of places. Only in that case, the commission will compile a ranking of the admitted students. For privacy reasons, students cannot know the names of the other students admitted, nor their ranking, but they can know their own position in the ranking, whether they have been admitted or not. Anyway, we try to dissuade students from knowing their ranking as this can affect their self-esteem, affecting their desire for knowledge and the realization of their goals and because the undergraduate, graduate and post-graduate curricula are a journey of knowledge, not a competition. GEA University is by no means a university that exploits the natural inclination for competitiveness innate in students. GEA University prefers to orient students to develop their best talents to achieve their goals.

Students can appeal the decisions by filling out a form here. Student's application for admission will be re-examined and if the second decision will confirm the first, students can't be admitted, but they will be able to apply for enrollment in a new degree field, where they will have to do the entrance interview all over again (fill in the pre-Admission registration form below).

Students with an homeschooling statement or with a certificate of completion or a curriculum with credits below the High School Diploma or equivalent, depending their field of study, may be required more entrance tests and/or to take some additional courses. 

To all students can be required to receive the original credentials directly by the institutions that awarded them.

At the unquestionable judgment of the evaluation admission unit, to students having completed their curriculum of studies in a Country other than US, after having red the credentials held by the student, can be required an entrance test or taking some additional courses or to receive the original credentials directly by the foreign institutions that awarded them.

Foreign students (non English language) can be required a TESOL (or a similar test) or to take an additional course/test in English or to sit an exam in English, also for those tudents who opt for a study program in Italian.

Pre-Admission online Registration

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Required university application documents

  • Student's photo (a passport photo)
  • Copy of valid passport (front and back). 
  • If you don't have a valid Passport, a copy of your last passport (front and back) with other 2 documents (ID card and a Driver License).
  • Birth certificate
  • Personal ID card (front and back)
  • Health personal Number (SSN or the foreign equivalent) 
  • Tax personal Number (EIN/ITIN or foreign equivalent Tax Number)
  • Certification of no criminal record (only for Tutors)
  • English language proficiency certificate (or pass an English language exam after)
  • Certificate/diploma from last graduated school *
  • Academic transcript from last graduated school *

*All Certificates/Diplomas/Academic transcripts sent by email will be verified with the institutions that issued them or they must be sent by post mail and legalized with the Apostille.