Request Official Documents

Application for Transcript, Certifying Letter and Report on Curriculum Details

Notes for Applicants


  1. Types of Official Documents

    I. Transcript:
      a. It is an official proof of a student/graduate’s academic achievements.
      b. It is a formal document listing the full record of the academic activities and achievements of the student/graduate during his/her period of study at the University.
      c. Official copy: shall not be issued to a student or any private individual; sent directly to the institution or prospective employer.
      d. Student copy: issued to students directly.
    II. Certifying letter:
      a. It is a letter to certify a student’s current status in the University with details of date of admission, programme of study, expected date of graduation, etc.
      b. For graduates, the Letter of Certification also states the conferred degree and the date of conferment.
    III. Report on Curriculum Details
      a. It sets out the study scheme and course descriptions of a student/graduate’s Programme.
      b. It is usually requested by bodies of accreditation or institutions which need to verify the level of academic attainments of the student/graduate.
    Final Diploma:

    a. Diploma on PDF
    Students pay a fee schedule

    b. Diploma on Paper
    Students pay a fee schedule for their Diploma (printed on paper) and pay apart to receive it by Local ordinary postage or international DHL or Fedex.

    To have a document apostilled, you must first have the document notarized and/or sealed,
    according to local state law.

    In countries that have signed the Hague 
    Convention of 5 October 1961 relating to the
    abolition of the legalization of foreign
    public documents, this is replaced by the
    "apostille" (or apostille).
    The apostille is affixed by the internal
    authority designated by each State;
    the apostilled document is directly
    recognized in the Member State of destination.

Application Methods

Applicants may apply for the documents by submitting applications online via


If a certified true copy of the certificate is needed, the applicant should bring the original copy of the graduate certificate to the Graduate School in person for our handling of the application. Students/graduates should submit a hardcopy application in person at the Graduate School.

Fee Schedule

*Current scheme for the period until 31 December 2023

Students must pay in advance for each document

Fees per single copy, excluding postage (local ordinary air mail or international Fedex/DHL) is:
Transcript/s $28 per copy (or an hard copy on paper. Delivery costs are apart)
Certifying Letter $25 per copy in pdf (or an hard copy on paper. Delivery costs are apart)

Report on Curriculum Details $35 (First copy per application)
Reports sent by email in pdf or by post on paper
Diploma Supplement
$48 (First copy per application). 
Diploma Supplement is necessary in all Europe

Subsequent copy
$10 (Subsequent copy in the same application for transcripts, Certifying Letter, Reports & Diploma Supplement)
Diploma in PDF $60 (price for all 2023). 
Students will receive by email a PDF copy of their Diploma

Diploma on Paper
$150 (price for all 2023)
Diploma will be printed on paper 
Hard copy delivery must be payed apart and in advance by students (see below Delivery)

Diploma on Paper in Frame
Costs of the frame may vary depending on the frame you choose.

Please, note that delivery costs are also much higher
if you choose to receive your diploma in a frame
Delivery prices can vary depending the Countries, weight and the method choosed to deliver the documents. Students must pay in advance all delivery costs

New fees with effect from 1 January 2024 till 31 December 2024 will be published soon

For dispatch of hard copy official documents, especially for international locations, you are recommended to choose “Send by Registered Mail”. By doing so, you will be given a tracking number for the document(s).  Students have to pay additional charges for sending documents by Registered Mail

Credit Transfer

All old university exams, transcripts and degrees must
officially be confirmed by the institutions that issued
them before to be validated by GEA University. 
All costs, if any, of sending degrees or of confirmation
letters from these institutions must be paid in full by the
students after registering with Gea.
Note that GEA University can also call, fax or write to these
institutions, requesting more informations about the student.

Credits (transcripts or degrees) submitted by students
without an official confirmation from the instituions
that issued them, are NOT accepted.

(see the policies for more details)

Costs of validation of credits may vary, depending the type of curriculum, the work to do requesting confirmation to the old institutions and the number of credits (the transfer of work experiences has a higher cost than the transfer of university courses at other institutions).

Students must pay for validation of their credits transfer before requesting a verified certificate of the course transferred and validated (verified certificate to pay apart, see below)
Verified Certificate by GEA university 
of one GEA single course or of an approved and validated single course

$45 per copy (delivered only in pdf)
These certificates may carry academic credits. 
Tuition of the course must be payed apart by students.

Verified Certificate 
of a single course from other higher institutions (through other platforms) sponsored by GEA University
$45-$250 or more (Verified certificates from other institutions can vary from a minimum of 45 USD to 250 USD or more). 
Costs of tuition may be payed apart by students.

Please, note that these verified certificates are delivered only in PDF and do not carry academic credits, although they can be very useful to add to the student's educational and professional resume.